The Hall was built over 50 years ago to provide a home for the local Scouts and Guides and has fulfilled that role successfully ever since.

The present running costs of the Hall now far exceed the financial resources of the youth organisations meeting there, and so the balance of these day to day costs must be raised from other uses of the premises – badminton, dancing, meetings, birthday parties etc.

Major repairs and refurbishment have to be financed by fund-raising, either by the volunteer Leaders and parent supporters, or by external funding from benevolent and supportive charitable or commercial sources.

In summer 2008 the Management Committee carried out major refurbishment of the toilet facilities and entrance hallway to incorporate access for wheelchairs, and to improve the general security and presentation of the premises, thanks to contributions from several sources. A total of around £30,000 was spent on a wide variety of improvements both major and minor, with £20,000 raised from direct grants and the balance from accrued income over a number of years, mainly from hire of the premises. In 2009 a further £7,000 was spent improving the thermal insulation and looks of the main hall, with a further £8,000 in 2010 for the installation of double glazing, the final phase of our eco strategy.

If you would be interested in supporting us financially for the future, or in any more physical way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. To give you some idea of the sort of projects we would like to carry out in the near future, have a look at the list below. Perhaps if you’re ‘in the trade’ and would like to help us, you could suggest how we might reduce the estimated costs? If you’re interested, here are our annual accounts.

Hall – Install ring main – £1,000

Loft – Lighting – £150

Other – Rewire main and wooden buildings – £3,000

And, of course, there’s always ‘something’ that needs doing around the HQ that we’d be grateful of some DIY type help with – especially from parents!

We would like to register and record our grateful thanks to EDF Energy, Surrey County Council and Smith’s Charities who have been kind enough to make significant contributions to us over the past few years, especially for our new roof, and also to the parents and supporters of the Hall, including St John’s Church, who have been so generous in their support in many ways.

More recently we have been very pleased to receive contributions from the Garfield Weston Foundation which has enabled us to replace our asbestos containing gutters; from Surrey CYVS to replace our external notice board, the lighting in our storage garage, our front fencing and our fire doors; from Awards for All towards refurbishment of our kitchen; and from the Bernard Sunley Foundation towards a disabled access ramp to the Ranger Hut. And Surrey County Council, Smith’s Charities, Girlguiding UK, and the Big Lottery Fund all made significant contributions to the refurbishment of our toilets, without which this work would not have been possible for several years. And, in 2010, the SITA Trust has made a substantial contribution towards replacement windows, the final stage in our insulation programme.

We are very grateful to all these organisations, and also to those people who gave their time and advice to make the Hall the pleasant place it is today.